Business protection is all about insuring for the unexpected. It’s a way of protecting your business if something goes wrong. It can provide an essential safety net for all types of business.


    Business Protection

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    • Partnership Protection
    • Shareholder Protection
    • Key Person Insurance
    This can provide a business partnership with the funds to ‘buy out’ or compensate the deceased’s dependants, should a business partner die.

    In the interests of financial security, business stability and continuity, it is essential to provide a safety net following the loss of a shareholder.

    Also known as ‘key man insurance’, this can compensate a business for financial losses arising from the death, or extended incapacity, of a specified employee or director.


    General Business Insurance.

    We offer a wide range of general business insurance products on referral basis including:

    • Commercial and Residential Landlord
    • Public & Employers Liability
    • Professional Indemnity
    • Retail Shop
    • Pub & Restaurant
    • Hotel & Guesthouse
    • Manufacturer & Wholesaler Insurance
    • Office & Surgery
    • High Net Worth
    • Personal Insurance
    • Motor Trade/Fleet
    • Unusual or difficult to place Household: Subsidence, Underpinned & Unoccupied Properties


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