The cost of insurance, particularly life insurance has fallen over recent years, whilst the quality of cover has in many cases increased. With this in mind, it makes sense to periodically review your cover with the help of a professional financial adviser. Life and Protection Insurance policies can protect you and your family from the financial consequences of death, a serious accident, illness or unemployment.
    It’s also important to ensure you put the right insurance in place to protect your home, it’s contents and your overall financial security.


    Family and mortgage protection

    • Life Insurance
    • Critical Illness Insurance
    • Income Protection Insurance
    Life Insurance (sometimes known as Life Assurance) helps provide financial security for people who depend on you, should you die. Although money can’t replace a loved one, it can help those left behind to weather the financial storm. For example, it could pay off the mortgage or provide an income to help cover regular household expenditure.

    This type of cover can pay out a (tax-free) lump sum on the diagnosis of certain life-threatening or debilitating illnesses, or if you have to undergo certain types of surgery.

    Income Protection Insurance is designed to pay you a regular tax-free monthly income if you become unable to work due to illness or injury.


    General Insurance

    • Home and Contents Insurance
    • Payment Protection Insurance
    • Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance
    • Landlord’s Insurance
    Making sure you have the right insurance for your home could provide real peace of mind.

    Payment Protection Insurance also called Short Term Income Protection Insurance can provide a monthly income to help cover your regular outgoings if you can’t work due to an accident, illness/injury or, often as an optional extra, unemployment.

    MPPI product is called MortgageProtector and is designed for new mortgage borrowers. Mortgage Protector helps you to continue to meet your mortgage payments, in the event of involuntary redundancy, when you have to register as a carer for an immediate family member, an accident or sickness (disability) that prevents you from working.

    Landlords Insurance product provides you with peace of mind by protecting property and contents from damage or loss whilst also protecting your legal liabilities as a property owner.


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