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The State of Social Housing in the UK: A Comprehensive Analysis

Social housing in the UK has been a critical issue for decades, with the demand consistently outstripping supply. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of social housing in the UK, based on recent statistics and government reports.
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Navigating the Waves of Housing Affordability in England and Wales: A 2023 Overview

In the intricate dance of income versus housing costs, the latest data for 2023 offers a panoramic view of housing affordability in England and Wales. Amidst fluctuating economic landscapes and the shadows of a pandemic, the story of housing affordability is both complex and compelling, painting a picture of resilience, disparity, and ongoing challenges.
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UK Housing Market Blossoms! A Gentle Surge in Home Prices!

In a refreshing turn of events, the UK’s housing market is showing signs of life, with home prices experiencing a modest yet meaningful uptick – the most notable rise in nearly a year!  While not exactly soaring, this positive trend is a beacon of hope for sellers, particularly in London, where the buzz is all about...
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Mortgage Rates: Why they keep changing and what it means for you?

Lately, getting a mortgage has been like trying to hit a moving target because the rates change so fast, sometimes in just two weeks! Here’s what’s happening and how it affects people trying to buy a home or those helping them.
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Maximize Your Property Investment: Mastering Sui Generis HMOs in the UK – The Ultimate Guide for Savvy Investors!

“Sui generis” is a Latin term that literally translates to “of its own kind” or “unique”. In the context of UK property investing, specifically regarding Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), the term “sui generis” is used in planning and zoning laws to categorize properties that do not fall into any standard use class.
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