Aleksandra Wilinska

Mortgage and Protection Manager


Aleksandra is highly motivated person who has currently completed Master of Science degree in Professional Communication, Masters degree in accounting and finance in management and MBA in Managerial Communication. She also started the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting and her goal is to obtain the highest qualifications in accounting in the future.

She has experience in many different fields which required responsibility, multitasking and hard work. During her two years studies she learned how to manage an organization and gained skills, such as being able to handle many details and challenging situations at once.

Privately, as a future bride, she is busy preparing for a wedding which will take place next summer. She is also owner of a beautiful cat named Tiger. Aleksandra in her free time is playing basketball in women’s amateur team. Her favourite hobby is travelling (she has visited European countries, such as Spain, Italy or France) and
reading books -her book genre is crime as she find it fascinating reading about criminals and their motives.

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